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Patient Support

Meetings Vary in Different Areas of Canada

Members get notice for support meetings with the MG Canada newsletter, our website and social media, etc., before each meeting. Many meetings include a guest presentation relative to MG.  All offer an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with other members in a social setting. MG Canada also provides information on support meetings and education days being organized by MG Canada and other MG organizations in Canada.

The Role of Physiotherapy in MG

For individuals with Myasthenia Gravis (MG), being physically active can improve mood, reduce fatigue, and have positive effects on cognition and mobility. Physiotherapy can help make moving easier. A physiotherapist can help individuals with MG to improve strength, endurance, and dynamic balance. This can reduce the burden of symptoms and enhance a person’s overall functional mobility, and quality of life.

To contact a Registered Physiotherapist in your Province or Territory please visit: or, contact

MG Information Links & Resources

Other Related Links

  • (free webinars directed to non profit groups and individuals looking for work and or volunteer opportunities)
  • (support for people with Episodic Disabilities in Canada)
  • Dr M.W. Nicolle, renounded Neurological MG Specialist in London ON (London Health Sciences Centre)
  • Canadian Physiotherapists of Canada, (offers regional and access to physiotherapists and program across \canada)
  • Canadian Mental Health Association of Canada. Provides programs, regional contacts and online free webinars

MG Canada Support & Information Tools

24/7 Website For information on MG Meetings, news, education videos, past newsletters, and more.

24/7 Social Media

Including MG Canada’s Myasthenia Gravis Facebook Group (Canada) for MG patients and MG caregivers who are encouraged to join.

MG Canada Newsletter: Contact

On average, each issue of “Contact” presents many pages of items related to Myasthenia Gravis. “Contact” draws on a wide supply of current material, studies on MG, personal stories and more.

Personal Contact and Support

Someone newly diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis needs to know:

  • As much information about MG as available.
  • Many others that have MG are now in reasonable health.
  • Most diagnosed patients can achieve a controlled and relatively level lifestyle with time.

First contact is usually with the president, or the membership coordinator.

The caller is invited to join the Myasthenia Gravis Society of Canada.   After joining, a member receives further information. Other resources of MG Canada can be made available as needed.  MG Society of Canada may be able to put patients or family members in touch with other members who have similar experiences with MG and who have been through similar situations.