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About MG Canada

Myasthenia Gravis Society of Canada (MG Canada)

Mission Statement:  “Canada’s Myasthenia Gravis National Patient Advocacy”

Myasthenia Gravis Society of Canada fulfills the need for a Canadian national MG Society dedicated to assist obtaining the maximum support, education and research for all Canadians affected by Myasthenia Gravis.


  • Encourage, support and teach patients and caregivers about MG.
  • Educate the public, including healthcare workers, about Myasthenia Gravis.
  • Support research, through fundraising for better treatments and a cure for MG.

Resources, activities and meetings are designed to support and inform those who have or are interested in this disease.

MG Canada By-Laws PDF 

Canadian National, Provincial & Territorial Info:

“Canada’s Myasthenia Gravis National Patient Advocacy”

Canada – National

Provinces & Territories:

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Yukon
  • North West Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Ontario
    – Toronto (GTA)
    – Ottawa
    – London
  • Quebec
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island